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Best dog food is essential to growth and development of your dog. In the first place, safety has always been the biggest concern. Feeding your dog with the best food is the best thing you can do. The health of your pet dog is very important. If you have to buy dog food, it is important you buy the best food. You must pay close attention to what your dog eat if you want him to be healthy. It is important to know what dog food should contain.

• Dog food should not contain controversial chemical preservatives

• They should not contain anonymous meat ingredients

• Best dog food should not contain generic animal fats

• Should not have artificial coloring

• Should contain substantial amount of meat-based protein

• Should have fat-protein ratio of 75% and below

• Modest carbohydrate content.

Below is are the best dog food

1. Taste of the world Dry

These dog foods are number one. They contain everything in correct proportions. This food is top rated because of the ingredients and concentration of fundamental nutritional values. This food is a balanced died for your dog. It is easy for dogs to digest. Most of the ingredients are natural ingredients. Packed with antioxidants for a healthy immune system. If you want to feed your dog with food rich in all necessary nutritional values, this is the best type of food that you need to purchase.

2. Wellness CORE

This food is great for your dog. It contains nutritional values that will highly improve the health of your dog. This dry kibble does not contain grains. These foods contain meat and vegetables. Your dog will get all nutritional values without any chemical. It is important to know that this food does not contain chemicals. Most of the ingredients are natural ingredients. This food will enhance the health of your dog.

3. Wellness Complete

This food is manufactured especially for small dogs. This dry kibble is balanced for complete nutrition. This food contains natural ingredients and has no fillers. Your dog will enjoy great food, chemical free food. Feeding your small dog with this food is the best thing you can do. It is healthy food. Your dog will grow big, strong and healthy. Even though this food is specifically formulated for small dogs, this does not limit others to feed on it. You can choose to feed all your dogs with wellness complete food. If you are searching for a nutritionally and 100% balanced dry kibble for your small dog, this is the best food. It is safely packed in a bag.

For your dog to be in great shape, you must consider feeding it the right food. Dog food must contain all nutritional values in correct percentages and proportions. Your dog pet will always give a reflection of the kind of a person you are, if your dog is weak and hungry, people will not respect you. Your pet must always be given the priority and the attention it deserves. If you love your dog, make sure you feed it with healthy food.

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